Public Relations


Our PR team serves as ASG senator and helps create a PR campaign for NCDC across campus. They work on marketing and merchandise to build a cohesive image of NCDC and what we do within the Northwestern, Evanston, and Chicago communities.


Dhwani Jain | dhwanijain2015@u.northwestern.ed
Olga Pototskaya |


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  1. Michael Chen


    My name is Michael Chen and I am part of Northwestern’s Habitat For Humanity. We have invited an inspiring guest speaker Khalilha Wilson, a Waukegan HFH homeowner, to share her story with Northwestern students on Wednesday(2/19) in Harris 107 (7pm). We will have a discussion of affordable housing and Habitat initiatives after her talk. I was hoping you can send this over your listserv and invite your members to attend the event.


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