The Campus Outreach Co-Chairs are responsible for increasing campus awareness of NCDC and facilitating collaboration and communication between campus student groups. The Chairs will help to plan events that allow student group leaders to meet each other, discuss programming topics, and facilitate co-sponsorships.

This arm has grown out of our previous Advocacy committee in hopes of connecting student organizations across campus and increasing effective programming. Through introductions and events, these co-chairs strive to further strengthen the Northwestern community.

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As a perfect example of what student group organization collaboration can accomplish, the Living Wage Campaign serves as a model for student advocacy and collaborative action when addressing an issue of inequality. It has served as an impetus for improved discussion and active response throughout campus. We aim to use this momentum to increase communication about and awareness of social justice issues in our community, long after the campaign has ended.

We strive to empower individuals and to include and excite all students to promote a strong and motivated community. We will continue to build meaningful relationships with other social justice groups to create more powerful movements and to achieve a sense of solidarity on our campus.


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