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The Advocacy Committee strives to inform students of social justice issues relevant to their lives as members of the Northwestern, Evanston and Chicagoland communities. Our goal is to identify and advocate against issues of inequality by helping to facilitate constant discussion and awareness of inequalities.

We aim to accomplish this mission through two main parts. The first is to hold “teach-ins” during which members of the community, including faculty or other experts, may present a specific advocacy topic. These “teach-ins” provide a platform for discussion and an opportunity for increased understanding of the issues in question, and equip participants with skills to address them as students.

Serving as the focal effort of the Advocacy Committee since Fall 2009, the second arm is the Living Wage Campaign. The Living Wage Campaign serves as a model for student advocacy and collaborative action when addressing an issue of inequality. It has served as an impetus for improved discussion and active response throughout campus. We aim to use this momentum to increase communication about and awareness of social justice issues in our community, long after the campaign has ended.

We strive to empower individuals and to include and excite all students to promote a strong and motivated community. We will continue to build meaningful relationships with other social justice groups to create more powerful movements and to achieve a sense of solidarity on our campus.


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