Cranes for Courage

Emily Comstock

Cranes for Courage is a community initiative comprised of a team of students, student-athletes, friends, and family members. We each make the cranes, write on the wings of the cranes, and ship the cranes to mental health hospitals, a nonprofit, and Northwestern University. Cranes for Courage’s mission is to bring hope and love to others through the medium of a crane. Be it in a mental health hospital or a classroom, the cranes are touching lives and changing perspectives.

It’s super easy to get involved! You could make between 5-10 cranes a week, write sayings on already made cranes, purchase paper, pens (Sharpies, extra fine tip), or stamps. The time commitment would be about an hour a week, if that!

Rainbow Hospice

Juyoung Kim

Shreya Verma

Rainbow Hospice is a site where volunteers personally interact one-on-one with patients in a palliative care setting. They will be assigned the same patients throughout the entire year, whom they will visit weekly, build a relationship with, and bring comfort to. Volunteers are expected to complete a one-day training session and complete a physical and background check (which, along with transportation, will be taken care of by the site-leaders and not something volunteers will have to set up on their own).Area: Park Ridge


JourneyCare (formerly known as Midwest Palliative Care)

Brian Cheng

Volunteers are given the opportunity to personally partner with a hospice patient, either in the patient’s home, or at a local nursing center.

Devon Clinic

Krush Patel

Kruti Patel

Area: Rogers Park

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Volunteer at a free clinic in the “India-town” of Chicago and gain invaluable experience to prepare students for medical school or professions in social services. This unique opportunity allows students to have direct patient contact and learn from medical students and doctors. Translators use their language skills to mediate conversation between doctors/medical students and patients. As a medical translator, students will gain a thorough understanding of the numerous facets of patient contact and be an essential resource to the people around them! Mainly looking for Hindi and Gujarati speakers, but Punjabi and Urdu are also okay. Volunteering on 1-3 Sundays per quarter, transportation provided.

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