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Area: Evanston

Volunteers help out in an after-school program for children with autism from elementary to high school age. Volunteers are usually paired up with a child or small group, and rotate through a variety of activities, from board games to crafts and cooking. Get to know some really awesome kids, and help them work on social skills while doing fun activities!


Rainbow Hospice

Juyoung Kim

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Area: Park Ridge

Rainbow Hospice is a site where volunteers personally interact one-on-one with patients in a palliative care setting. They will be assigned the same patients throughout the entire year, whom they will visit weekly, build a relationship with, and bring comfort to. Volunteers are expected to complete a one-day training session and complete a physical and background check (which, along with transportation, will be taken care of by the site-leaders and not something volunteers will have to set up on their own).


World Health Collaboration

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Area: Chicago

Mission Outreach is a not-for-profit organization that recovers and redistributes medical equipment to those in need around the globe. Mission Outreach is primarily volunteer-run, so Engineering World Health, along with Oasis has taken initiative to set up a weekly volunteering trip to the warehouse to categorize/organize the medical equipment and supplies.


NU Hospice

Aditya Ghosh

Trisha Bhat

Area: Evanston

NU Hospice Volunteering is an outlet through which Northwestern students act as Patient Care Volunteers for Midwest Palliative CareCenter.  In parallel with the hospice model, students are given the opportunity to personally partner with a hospice patient, either in the patient’s home, or at a local nursing center. Activities often include providing respite for caregivers, as well as socializing with the assigned patient.  Any interested volunteer should be ready to spend their time with a program getting to personally know a patient as he/she progresses through the hospice program.

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