Connections for the Homeless

Tali Jona

Area: Evanston

Volunteers cook/prepare a breakfast for the residents at Hilda’s Place.  After cooking, volunteers sit down and eat with the residents and get to engage in conversation!


Friday Sack Lunches

Interested in being a site leader? contact us at: ncdccommunityoutreach@gmail.com

Area: Evanston

This is a group site in which volunteers prepare and serve sack lunches to homeless and hungry individuals in Evanston. Until recently there was no opportunity to provide meals for the homeless on Fridays- with this exciting new site volunteers can help close that gap and help the hungry stay fed!

Inspiration Café

Richard Chin

Amit Chopra

Area: Chicago

The Inspiration Corporation is a non-profit organization that provides meals, life-skills training, subsidized housing, and a supportive community for Chicago’s homeless. As volunteers working through the Northwestern Community Development Corps (NCDC), our role in the Inspiration Cafe is to help serve breakfast each Monday to homeless individuals who are part of the Inspiration program. It’s a great chance to give back, sit down and talk to these folks, and also enjoy a delicious breakfast yourself. You can check out their website (http://www.inspirationcorp.org/programs/cafe/cafe.html) for more information about Inspiration Cafe and other services provided by the Inspiration Corporation.

Good News Partners

Interested in being a site leader?  Contact us at: ncdccommunityoutreach@gmail.com

Area: Rogers Park

Good News Partners is an Asset-Based Community Development organization (ABCD), focusing on housing, education, and economic development in Rogers Park.

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