By Dana Marton

  • Release Date : 2013-12-31
  • Genre : Suspense
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Score: 4.5
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Deathwatch A thrilling new full-size novel from the author of DEATHSCAPE  (#1 Romantic Suspense Bestseller!) Here is Murph's story, at last, due to reader demand. 

The only person who can identify the most notorious hit man in the country, Kate Bridges is running for her life. Murphy Dolan is in the Army Reserves, returning from his 2nd tour of duty, only to find a stranger hiding in his house. She's scared spitless. He's completely burned-out on violence. Neither of them has any trust left to give. 

Reviewers LOVE Deathwatch!!! 

"Dana Marton grabbed my attention with that first sentence and proceeded to take me on a roller coaster ride filled with chills, thrills, sizzling emotion and non-stop action. I was riveted to this story from beginning to end, so much so that I read the entire book in one afternoon and then immediately downloaded the other books in the Broslin Creek series. This author knows how to write romantic suspense!" The Romance Dish 

"Deathwatch by Dana Marton is part of the mesmerizing Broslin Creek romantic suspense series. Another action-packed suspenseful tale that gives a glimpse of the lives of a woman who has survived multiple traumatic events in her life and a man who bears survivor's guilt and other unseen scars to go with his physical ones.  The tension continues to ratchet up as danger threatens and the author's ability to create a compelling yet succinct tale is demonstrated once again." The Reading Addict 

Broslin Creek (in chronological order) 
Book 1 -- DEATHWATCH (available)
Book 2 -- DEATHSCAPE (available)
Book 3 -- DEATHTRAP (available)
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  • Broslin Creek Series Book #1

    By savsandy
    The opening line in “Deathwatch” is a classic hook, what every writer strives for: “Kate Bridges thought attending her own funeral would be the hardest part.” How could you not keep reading? And the rest of the story lived up to the suspense with a thrilling plot premise that pulled me in. Kate reluctantly agreed to go along with her faked death to help the FBI catch a killer, but the killer struck again right under their noses. That’s when Kate decided FBI protection wasn’t all that terrific and she’d take her chances on her own. After 18 months on the run, using fake ID’s in a cash-only existence, the real owner of Kate’s rented house returns from deployment in Afghanistan. Murph Dolan is looking forward to some much needed peace and solitude while rehabbing his old house but he finds Kate in his bed and she’s got a gun aimed at him. The story moves along swiftly with no dead spots, the characters are fully developed and believable. The tension mounts quickly without ever feeling contrived and the romantic element flows naturally. The dialogue is the only weak spot in that there is no swearing. None, nada, zip and that just lacks authenticity. A cop/soldier who never swears, not even a mild “damn”? Really? And Kate’s expletives are limited to inanities such as “Oh, fudge!” C’mon now. As they say here in Georgia, that dog won’t hunt. But the writing structure and sentence quality saved it for me. I’m a nit-picky reader, always on the alert for sloppy writing but author Dana Martin’s writing is smooth, concise and polished. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.
  • Deathwatch

    By Azdebbie71
    I really enjoyed the book...the character depth was very well written. I think it could use a little more fast-paced action, but overall I'm happy to have found another author to read!
  • Deathwatch by Dana Martin

    By Sweetgrandma
    This book really keeps your attention.I didn't want to even put it down. I got this book for free I'm so glad because I've never got to read any of this authors books before because have to get free books most of the time. I wasn't even tempted to skip anything. It can be a stand alone but also into other books of this series. Going to start on second book tomorrow. I was gave it also. I hope that anyone who gets this book likes it as much as I did.
  • Deathwatch by Dana Marton

    I downloaded this book because it was a freebie and that's about all I read. I was pleasantly surprised. I found this one to be well written with an interesting plot. I don't think the reader will be disappointed.
  • Deathwatch

    By Gatamona
    Ideally enjoyed this book! It was fast paced, interesting and kept my interest all the way thru it... I liked the way she kept chocolate a big way to keep her sane! Lol the only thing missing was a cat!
  • Deathwatch

    By Archer gal
    Great writing that grabbed your interest from the first page and didn't let go until the end.
  • Plenty of action and suspense in this introduction to the Broslin Creek series.

    By Cynthia0o
    Right from the start the author pulls you into an intriguing story. The heroine, Kat Bridges is watching her own funeral from a surveillance van in hopes the assassin who killed her friend and who she saw will show up so the FBI can apprehend him. Needless to say this doesn’t go well. Many explosions later Kat decides to make a run for it on her own realizing the FBI couldn’t protect her and it would keep her family safe. Murphy Dolan is a police officer in Broslin Creek. He is just returning home from Afghanistan injured after losing his whole team on a mission gone bad. All he wants to do is get back to normal and get his body back in shape so he can start back at his job as a police officer. What he didn’t expect to find in his home was a woman asleep in his bed claiming she had a lease to be there. Kat and Murphy tragic pasts made these two compelling to read. Kat had been in foster care for almost all of her childhood. She had been an angry child with violent tendencies before she was adopted by a loving couple that turned her around and then as an adult to want to help other children who were going through what she did. Murphy didn’t have a good childhood either but he decided he was going to not be a statistic and fought on the good side of the law and in the service until the tragic incident that killed his men and left him with a huge hole in his heart and suffering from anxiety and PTSD. I've never seen to people more perfect for each other in so many ways. In a suspense book the author always leaves us clues as to who the bad guy is. You try and figure it out before the end and shout with glee when you are right. Well I have to say the author did a fabulous job of keeping you guessing till the very end in this one. On a side note even though this is the 3rd book based on release date it’s really the first book in the series. So if you haven’t read the series yet this book is where you should start. If you have read the other two books then you get a glimpse of how Captain Bing was just weeks after his wife’s death and seeing when Jack first came to town.
  • Great read

    By Helenan47
    Fast paced, just enough twists to keep you entertained. Will give the author another try or two.